Raven by the Sea

Who is this creature? Why is he by the sea?

He follows me forth, but is it a dream?


Black as night his coat shines in the sun.

How can he show his face by day? Is he doing it just for fun?


Does he mean to taunt me only in the morn?

By night, will he be an omen of scorn?


This visitor to my place of rest

Can he be here only for jest?


His true meaning must be revealed.

Otherwise, my fate may be forever sealed.


Oh, dark dreadful Raven tell me your truth.

Sing your mysterious message and be a mystical sooth.


For whom do you represent? Why are you really here?

I will not stop to find out; I will persevere.


The sun-swept day morphed into the eternal night.

The Raven showed himself to me by the glistening moonlit light.


What I found to be entirely true –

He was an omen to give me a new point of view.


His great wisdom provided a message only for me to glean.

I will never reveal it to another – it will never be seen.


After his tidings to only me he would share,

He vanished into the devilish dawn as if to go to his lair.


Who is this creature?  Why is he by the sea?

The Raven came to set my soul free…


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