February Gal

I composed this poem for my Grandma Tompkins right after she passed away in February 2013.  My brother, Chris, read this aloud at her funeral.  She was one special lady!

A wonderful lady born in the cold.

When she arrived that February morn, they broke the mold.

She was Thursday’s child and had far to go,

Living a life full of both love and woe.

A nurse by profession was she.

She cared for everyone, especially her family.


She could embroider, and she loved her books.

As everyone knew; oh, how she could cook!


She was a friend of nature, as a matter of fact.

She truly loved her dogs and cats.


Lapel pins, dolls, and knick-knacks framed her collection.

Pink, the color she loved, complimented her complexion.


Just remember she will always be in you and in me.

She left a multitude of children…a legacy.


February 2013


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