Reason for Revenge – Part III.

When everyone had gone to his or her rooms, Adam pulled his mother aside to talk to her about a very important matter. “Mother, we need to talk.” “Adam, are you okay?” she asked with concern. “Yes, I am fine. I know this might seem a bit premature, but I have asked Becki to marry me and I want to have an engagement party here at the house in July.” “This does seem a bit premature, why so soon? Can’t you two just wait until the dust has settled a little bit, why we just buried your father today and you stand here now asking for such a thing,” she responded very hurt. “Mother, I have thought this through and I think it would be good to have something happy brought into the house since all of this has happened, please say yes. You won’t regret it,” he begged. She paused while mulling it over thinking that he might be right, this house needed some happiness and it would give her something to look forward to, “All right, you have convinced me. I will have the arrangements made. Son, please be careful.” “Why do you say that Mother? Everything is okay now. Just you wait and see.” “I hope so,” she said while giving him a great big motherly hug.

Unbeknownst to Joanne and Adam, Tabytha had forgotten her gloves in the library and had come back for them. When she started to open the door, she overheard their whole conversation. She wanted to burst in on them and speak her mind, but she decided to hold back and take another angle. She decided to get her gloves later and went back up to her room. She looked up Becki’s phone number and dialed. Fortunately for Tabytha, Becki was home.  Hello,” Becki answered. “Hi, Becki.” “Yes, who is this?” She asked. “This is Tabytha Hailman. I know that we haven’t talked much before, but I felt I should get to know you better. Will you have lunch with me tomorrow at the little Italian restaurant at 3rd and Chapel?” “Well, I don’t have any plans, so sure. What time?” Becki asked. “Let’s say 12:30. I will see you there.” Tabytha grinned. They hung up and Becki was very confused because Tabytha had never done this before, come to think of it, no one in the Hailman family had done this before.

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