Reason for Revenge – Part IV.


The next day at 12: 15, Tabytha sat and waited like a spider for a fly at a little quiet, out of the way table for Becki to arrive. Becki was running a little late and didn’t make it until 12:40. “I am so sorry I am late. I hope you haven’t been waiting long?” Becki asked, half remorsefully. “No, just a few minutes. Sit down.” Tabytha motioned as she spoke. “What did you want to see me about?” Becki asked curiously. “Are you going to marry my brother?” Tabytha asked straight to the point. “Well, yes,” answering very confused, “He’s planning on having an engagement party soon.” Tabytha responded quickly, “If I were you, I wouldn’t marry him. “Why is that?” Becki responded now even more curious than ever. “Well, I don’t think he has the right temperament for being a husband. No one in the family thinks so either.” Tabytha thinking she has the upper hand. “I don’t care what you think. Now I see why you asked me here, to try and stop me from marrying Adam. Well, I am not going to sit here and listen to your stupid remarks and lies. I am marrying Adam no matter what! !” Becki stated angrily and stormed out. Tabytha was stunned at her behavior and didn’t know what to think. She was too naive to realize that she could not scare someone off who was that much in love.

After Becki left the restaurant, she went straight over to the Hailman home and asked to see Mrs. Hailman. When Joanne found out who was there to see her, she decided to ask Vivien to join them. After all, Joanne had confided in her daughter the earlier conversation that she and Adam had had. She thought Becki was coming over to help with the details of the party, little did she know.

Becki was shown into the living room and Joanne and Vivien joined her just a few minutes later. “Becki, it was nice of you to drop by, but I thought that you would call me first about the arrangements for your party. This was rather sudden,” Joanne explained. “That is why you think I am here! Well, it should be the reason, but it is not. The youngest of your children asked me to lunch today and asked me NOT to marry your son! I was appalled at this action and I hoped that the only Hailman who didn’t like me was gone, but I guess I was wrong!” Becki screamed. “Tabytha did what? I can’t believe that she would do such a thing, but she is a very naive girl, so if she did…I apologize for he,” Joanne tried to reassure her. Vivien interrupted rather dryly, “Becki, what you have to understand is that we just lost our father and we are all very upset right now. We all know that he didn’t approve of you for his own reasons and we had to respect him for that. He is gone now and Adam can do as he wishes, so we will support him. My mother and I will help you plan this party if you would like.”  “What she did is unforgivable and what you are saying isn’t much more forgivable than what she said to me earlier! If you all do not mind, I will plan the party myself. Thanks for nothing and good day!” Becki marched out without a glance at either one of them. “Vivien, I can’t believe what you said to her. I raised both of my girls better than the way you have both acted today. What is the matter with you?” Joanne appalled at how Vivien now acted. “Mother, father didn’t like her, so that is good enough for me.”

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