Reason for Revenge – Part V.

The month leading up until Adam’s party revealed nothing to Christopher to solve this case. Joanne had asked him to the party just to be on the safe side. “Detective, I would feel much better with a police officer there. I fear for my family since the killer has not been caught.” Christopher could not refuse.

That evening, Malcolm was greeting everyone at the door and directing the guests into the party. When Adam and Becki arrived together in the family limousine, Malcolm announced them and everyone applauded. Becki looked breathtaking in a champagne colored evening gown that fitted her figure like an hourglass. She had her dark hair pulled up for the occasion and wore simple jewelry because she could get away with it, and still look stunning. Adam looked like he was beaming from head to toe having her on his arm. Tabytha and Vivien both felt out of place there, but Tabytha even more so than Vivien, at least Vivien had her husband.

Tabytha decided to walk out onto the patio to get away for a few minutes to escape, but she didn’t know that someone was following her. She walked around lackadaisical thinking that she just wanted to go up to her room. Suddenly, she felt like someone was watching her, but she knew that no one was there. Her heart started pounding harder because she felt as though there was a presence there. She was about to turn around when she could feel and hear someone breathing heavily behind her and then they grabbed her pretty, young neck and started to strangle her. She tried to scream, but was gasping wearily for every breath that she could take. She clutched their hands as they squeezed harder and tighter. She tried to turn around to see who it was, but their grip was too tight. Tabytha slowly shrunk down to the ground unconscious. The unknown person thought that they had finished their deed and dragged her over to the swimming pool. They pushed her in and removed the gloves that they had been wearing and hid them. They walked into the party as if nothing had happened.

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