Reason for Revenge – Part IX.

This is the final part of Reason for Revenge.  I would love to hear feedback from my readers on your thoughts.


Christopher got in his car and went to the park where he had instructed them to meet him. He got out of his car and went over to the big oak tree that had a hollow place grooved out of it. He placed his handkerchief down into the hole so it would look like something white was down there as to throw them off. He waited and waited and finally they came. They got out of their car and looked around to make sure no one was around, they ran over to the tree and stuck their hand in and to their disappointment, there was no glove. “What are you doing out here this late at night?” Christopher asked as he walked slowly out of the darkness over to the tree. “Detective Christopher, I found this note on my bed and came ever so quickly to see if I could help out with the case. If I found what was supposed to be in the tree, I was going to call you as soon as I could get back home to tell you the good news,” they said rather nervously. “What note on your bed, are you telling me that someone contacted you?” Christopher responded fallaciously. “Yes, they said that I should come out to the park and I would find the other glove that was missing from the investigation, and that would help solve the murders,” they said anxiously. Christopher looked like he was pondering, “Hmm, may I see this note?” “Yes, sir,” they handed it to him. “So, the note says: YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE; GO OUT TO CHAPEL PARK TO RETRIEVE THE MISSING ITEM FROM THE INVESTIGATION. IT IS LOCATED IN THE BIG OAK TREE WITH THE HOLLOWED-OUT HOLE. TURN IT INTO DETECTIVE CHARLES CHRISTOPHER AT THE 14TH PRECINCT.”

Christopher asked slyly, “What did you say a minute ago, you were to retrieve the glove missing from the investigation? Well, was it in there?” “Yes, that is what I said and it wasn’t in there, just this old handkerchief. I think I’ve been had.” They responded quizzically. “Oh, I think you’ve been had more than you realize. Read the note again to me ALOUD.” Christopher declared. They began to read:

“YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE, GO OUT TO CHAPEL PARK TO RETRIEVE THE MISSING ITEM FROM THE INVESTIGATION. IT IS… It was you who sent this to me knowing that I…” “Yes, knowing that there was a 50-50 chance that you would slip and say the magical word of glove and so I should have bet a big one on you honey,” Christopher announced gleefully; then asked confidently, “So, why did you do it?” I’ll tell you why, Dave Hailman was an awful man and I knew that he would have ruined my life; Tabytha hated me, and if I had not been so careless thinking that someone was coming out right before I pushed her in, that heel would not have broken off and confirmed that a woman was the murderer. I killed Emma because of the letter. I had to stop her. I guess…I really killed for revenge.” “You almost got away with this, my dear, except for three things: 1) Just because we had found that heel did not draw us to conclusions that it was definitely a woman, 2) In the anonymous letter, Vivien’s last name is now Tailord, not Hailman, someone close to her would not have made that mistake, and 3) Emma is not dead, you had just knocked her unconscious, she was taken to the hospital, so she will be able to identify you.” As Christopher said this, everything he had felt about her before vanished, he thought she was the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen, but now he only saw her as a cold-blooded murderer. About that time, his men drove up and came over to them both. “Arrest her, it will be murder one,” he sneered.

As he walked away, Becki stared after him with hatred in her heart as the cold metal handcuffs wrapped around her tiny, revengeful wrists.

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