Memories with My Dad


Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there!  My father has been gone for 35 years and I still miss him each and every day.  I really wish he could have seen how the people have advanced the world, especially with technology.  He loved gadgets and some of the ones we saw on Star Trek reruns have in some ways come to fruition.  Time is a precious gift to spend with those you love; never take it for granted. This poem portrays many of the memories I have of my father in the little over a decade that I had with him.

Only having a little more than a decade with a person, especially as a child, makes it hard to remember every detail that made him special as my dad.

Watching Star Trek reruns with him gave me my love of Sci-Fi, which makes me glad.


Only two different times was I to be very quiet: when he was watching football, or napping on the couch after work.

He called me Motor Mouth, so being quiet was difficult much of the time; I was such a dork.


He had his shop to do woodworking and he loved to work on cars when his time was free,

I tried to stay out of the way so I wouldn’t hear “Carmen Marie!”


Dracula, Wolf Man, The Mummy, and The Blob we would watch together staying up late,

As we would have a midnight cheese and cracker snack that was always great!


He would sometimes draw funny cartoon people for me,

As well as play his guitar and sing Kalijah as I listened with glee.


We would play pool, cards, and Yahtzee games,

He went by G. Robert, “Bob,” disliking his first name.


Reruns of James Bond movies we would watch together, waiting for new ones to come out,

I get my love for Bond from my father without a doubt.


Even though I only spent a short time with him before he passed away,

He taught me to be strong, be creative, and be whatever I may.

The Pink Gardenia


The pink gardenia:

Is there such a thing?

Of man or myth

From whence did it spring?

A bloom of blush

So fair and pure

Did you really see one?

Are you really sure?

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