Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Jeff!!

TPACFountain_CJHappy 1 Year Anniversary to my husband, Jeff!!  What a wonderful year it has been!!  With traditional anniversary gifts based on etiquette, paper is what the present should be made from, and with modern gifts, it is time.  This is my gift to you on digital paper since actual paper wears away over the years; additionally, my gift to you is time, which we have, but a limited quantity since we will not live forever.  So, let’s make every minute count!!  You have complimented my life in a great way with who you are as a person and the three wonderful daughters you brought with you in this marriage I get to share my life.  This poem is for you from the inner depths of my heart and soul.

One year has passed over time and space,

No one moment would I ever erase.


As I ponder each word I write to you,

My love grows more from every view.


One year represents paper and time,

My gift to you contains my scribe of my rhyme.


Paper doesn’t last, but it ignited the flame

To stir the embers to bring us together in one name.


Never-ending time gives us a plethora of adventures to share

Where we will explore and wander whenever we care.


Every morning and every night, I receive kisses times three.

My weirdness you indulge every day for me.


Puns fill our lives at least once a day

As we battle for the best in each one we say.


We have travelled as many places as we could get

With you ensuring we go to monuments I’ve always wanted to visit.


One year to the moment we said, “I do,”

I love you even more as each day renews.

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