Uncle Tony

Uncle Tony

My brothers, Chris and Greg, and I looked back on our Uncle Tony’s life and remembered several things about him and who he was.  I put all of these memories of him together in this poem to honor his life.  The memorial for him was a week ago today at my Aunt Marlene’s in Raymore, MO where many family members gathered to tell stories about him.  It was one of the best memorials I have attended.  It wasn’t sad; it was celebratory.

Born in April, a diamond in the rough,

A man’s man who was always tough.


A man of honor was he

Serving in the military to help people be free.


He worked an eclectic mix of jobs over the years:

Retail, law enforcement, and fireman with few fears.


A master carpenter was one of his professions,

Crafting beautiful work without any concessions.


He was a talented musician continuously ready to jam

With family and friends always leaving with a finish that would slam.


Referring to everyone as cats and chicks,

When talking to him, it was his schtick.


An animal person we all could ascertain

With his most beloved pet, Burgundy, his Great Dane.


He loved his family, especially the grandkids and Grandma T.

Willing to do anything for her – quality was the key.


Never batting an eye to speak his mind,

Tony was definitely one of a kind.

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