The Giving Season


Every year the season nears

When family and friends find gifts for each other.

Some are funny, some are sweet, and some are sentimental bringing tears,

But some are practical for Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother.


Receiving candy, games, and toys

The newest technology so bold

Are the items that are dreamed by girls and boys,

Even for those who are older might think of trinkets in silver and gold.


Just remember the gifts you have already been given:

Family and friends, a home with comfort and love,

Life and health to keep you driven,

Nothing you would ever want to destroy.


These are the passions in life to keep forever

In your mind, your heart, and your soul.

For when they are gone, the tangible gifts become a feeling of “whatever.”

Only wishing to bring them back in exchange for all that was given as a willing toll.


Please remember the Giving Season is more about who is in your life,

Not about the items you own.

Cherish those you hold dear through the amazing times and even strife;

It will give you the feeling of peace you have never known.

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