Traveling the Electronic Christmas Highway

Let’s take an electronic roadway trip to enjoy

Through several cities bringing Christmas joy!


Meet Me in St. Louis back in time for the World’s Fair of 1904,

While we ride the trolley to meet the boy next door.


From there, we will drive to Chicago, Illinois to the suburbs of one Griswold family,

Where we will help solve the problem of Christmas lighting, so ALL can see.


We travel next to New York City where Macy’s on 34th Street is host

To a real Santa who always brings the most.


In addition, a lady and her daughter are always feeling blue

And Kris Kringle restores their attitude with “Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to.”


We stay in the city and visit the Bishop and The Bishop’s Wife

Where we meet the angel, Dudley, who helps everyone remember the big picture of life.


On we go to see George Bailey and another angel, Clarence, in Bedford Falls

Where Clarence helps George realize It’s a Wonderful Life no matter the worst of it all.


We move on to some singing and dancing with Bing and the crew

At Holiday Inn in Midville, Connecticut only open for certain holidays of the few.


We remain in this state and end up on Elizabeth Lane’s enchanting, magazine ready farm,

Where we are hoping for a Christmas in Connecticut with all the glee and charm.


We arrive in technicolor at Columbia Inn in Pine Tree, Vermont to finish out our traveling list,

Surprised there is no snow, only to be enchanted on the 25th with a White Christmas.


There is so much to glean from these movies of old,

Love your family and friends without being told.


Taking this electronic journey is a feat, both great, and not small!

Please take it sometime, and Merry Christmas to one and to all!






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