Whispering, Texting, Walking, & Talking

Whispering, Texting, Walking, and Talking

In the heart of Music City,

An eclectic street concretely exists

Filled with the brightness of lights so pretty,

And music some cannot resist.


Travelers come from everywhere

To visit to and fro

Where they traipse down Broadway as some stare

With copious options, not knowing where to go.


As one watches all who steadily move

Like an assembly line taking a pause for people watching,

Some dress as they feel they have something to prove

As all are whispering, texting, walking, and talking.


The whispers pass between couples and groups

About the interesting and inappropriately dressed.

So not to be overheard, some text pictures of the dupes

To capture outrageous pictorial stories not to be missed.


The path from start to finish is around five blocks

Where walking presents a sensory journey

With food options, honky tonks, and shops

To provide much talking to choose where to be.


This paved path is more beautiful at night

For all who are into gawking

With all the colors of neon lights

As all are whispering, texting, walking, and talking.


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