Winding Through Life

Take the positive!

Always be cognitive!

Take the joy!

Always keep happiness employed!

Winding through life

Full of strife

Doesn’t need to be dire.

Fill your life with passions laced with fire.

Ascend on an upward spiral

And ignite your amiable attitude to go viral.

Select the Escher path

With unending steps where there is little need for math.

Keep on winding through the stairway of life…

Satisfied, content, and adventurous with a heart that is rife.

Craving the Raven

Riddled with wonder as the ticking of the clock nears the witching hour.

He stealthily glides on the misty air of dampening fog wafting, glistening by the dimming glow of the street lamps.

Always looking, seeking, and hunting for prey to suppress the hungerous pangs harboring internally under his lustrous black skin and bones.

Bells thrice ring through the night like the cawing of the unmuted raven he so desires to happen upon, unguarded…waiting.

Will he ever find this mystical bird who shares the midnight, sleek palette with him?

Never giving up, his search for the raven will continue until all his lives are no more.

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