On the Day Before Winter Break – 2018

I wrote this for our faculty/staff Christmas dinner.  Based on the style of “The Night Before Christmas” and borrowing a few words and a couple of lines from the original.  I hope you enjoy!!

Southside Faculty

On the day before Winter break,

And all through the school

Mr. Marlowe was hanging whiteboards with his power tools.

The grades were posted on Skyward with stress

In hopes all students would pass each assignment, task, and test.

The teachers were teaching all up at their boards,

While dreams of vacation they looked forward;

And Michele planning the throwdown, and Tina placing a PO,

Had just sent the invitation for everyone to go.

When out in the grand hallway there sounded a loud noise

Marlowe, Mills, and Bouldin ran quickly, but with poise.

Away to the door they scurried like mice,

Flung it open and they heard on their radio device,

Officer Hittle calling for them, “Hurry up!”

“You will never believe what I found in a cup!”

When, what to their inquisitive minds they see,

But a boom box, and  eight interventionists around a tree,

With an instructional coach, so creative and fun,

They knew Hittle joked with them so they would run.

Lindsay shouted to all who would hear,

She grabbed a mic and called their names with cheer:



To the top of Tier 2! To the top of Tier 3!

Celebrate our students who test out of RTI with glee!

The students enjoyed Christmas lunch with delight

By the Cafeteria Staff who cooked it just right.

The cafeteria was ready for the throwdown tonight

With Lydia making it ever so shiny and bright.

First grade with Savage, Spruill, Smith, and Shelton,

Joining Second with Burke, Baines, Gregory, and Watson,

So up to the Capitol Theater they flew,

To see Polar Express, and sing on the square too.

And then, in third grade, we heard a joyous sound:

Owens, Houser, Garcia, and Roper as Whovians abound.

As we turned the corner, kindergartners were crafting around,

Down the hallway, Sharp, Marsh, Moorhead, and Presley we found.

Bailey, Hulse, and Roberson were dressed all in ugly sweaters from head to toe,

As Alderman, Sampson, Nixon, and Callas with smiles all a glow.

Bozeman appeared with our littlest Saint,

Wrapped in a bundle with absolutely no complaints.

Croenne and Hoskins planned the day

For Christmas spiced ornaments to be made by PreK.

Granstaff was ready with activities for fun,

While Starnes, Long, and McKinney were there to help a ton.

The music –how wonderful! Sexton did provide!

The whistling from Brown, his tunes did jive!

The food smelled delightful, ready to eat,

And the desserts smelled amazing, so sweet.

The seventh grade crew: Tomlinson, Chafin, Bradley, and Hall

Wore shirts with “Be Kind” – a sentiment to one and all.

The door buzzer obnoxiously rang as we gave a laugh

As a special someone was let in by the office staff.

Santa made a Kindergarten appearance with his little round belly,

That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.

Kamer, Cagle, and Harvey arrived happy as can be,

As all of the meeting slots were finally free.

Russ, Powell, Hergis, Stevens, Klaers, Wilson, and Roberts supporting all of our little elves,

Arrived at the throwdown not by themselves.

Coots was behind them bringing student art work,

And Zadeh checked all of the computers, never feeling any irk.

Mr. Johnson, Mr. V., and C. Hannah arrived with smiling faces,

As Dwyer finished giving out the last of the Angel Tree leaving no traces.

The Sixth grade teachers: Burgess, Savage, Nagy, and Asher

Bringing the last of the tart Holly Jolly Ranchers.

Johnson, Ehrhardt, Smith, and Baier

Keeping the calm in Eighth grade, expectations a fire.

All the copies were made placed in folders just right

By Speck and Vaughn who turned the copier off for the night.

ISS had students no more,

As Arlene was able to finally shut the door.

All the sick kids went home

Leaving Nurse Ashley not having to deal with any more moans.

And Lisa adding the last absentee note,

Jackie took the last call with a message she wrote.

Marlowe sprang to the front, to his team gave a nod,

And away we all lined up for the food from here and abroad.

But we heard him exclaim, as he blessed the food for goodness sake,

Happy Christmas to Southside, and to all a good break!!


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