Mitt – The Diabolical Intelligent Cat

DSC_1588 (2)

This cat deeming himself Mitt

Diabolically plots never using the word quit.


Reeling you in, looking cute, wanting belly pets,

He stretches out so fiendishly leaving you with a feeling of regret


As he attacks with claws launched

Crouching ready from a panther’s staunch.


Elephant-like is he,

Never forgetting anything about you or me.


Loving to play, especially with the laser pointer on a ring;

He knows where the light comes from, and the toy to you he will bring.


Penguin-like in his tuxedo fur,

He loves to nap on your lap and purr.


At times, he acts as a parrot on your shoulder – always with a plan –

Being high up, he can bat at the pull chain from the ceiling fan.


If you ever cross paths with this cat deemed Mitt,

Be prepared, you never know which personality you will get.

Ode to Spring


 On a cold February morning, overcast and solemn, looking out my rear window brings me joy as the daffodils peek through the soil eyeing the coming sun of March.

I long for the crisp winds sweeping in the rush of spring.

Oh Spring, how we delight and celebrate your name!

You renew our faith winter is complete, and solitude is over, bringing forth the beautiful, shiny carpet of elegant green to skip lightly on the path towards fulfillment of flowers to calm our deficient soul.

Oh Spring, we welcome you like the wayward friend returning home carrying bouquets of brightly colored flowers to ask forgiveness for being gone so long.

Oh Spring, please color our fields in fertile wonder filled with an artist’s palette of superb beauty waiting to be painted on the canvas of life.

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