Fire or Ice?

Tonight, one of my favorite shows of all time is ending.  It is bittersweet: I’m ready to see how it will end; however, part of me wishes it would keep going.  So, just like the underlying theme of the show, Fire & Ice (pictures credited to my husband, Jeff), my emotions are in the same vane.  I wrote this today to honor a show I have loved, and my enjoyment will go on in finally reading the books as well as watching re-runs later on.  Part of this has a prediction of how I think it will end, but however it does end, it has given me much anticipation and entertainment each week for many years.  Thank you Game of Thrones…

Some Houses stand strong;

Some Houses stand divided.

We’re waiting for the last song.

What will be decided?


Many standing high,

Looking for the victory.

The end is nigh…

Has the season been too wintery?


Each battle is dire!

Who wins or dies is a roll of the dice.

Who belongs to fire?

And who belongs to ice?


Armies have fought.

Dragons have blazed.

One dagger brought

The Night King’s last days.


Now, the Lion is one,

The Dragon is almost two,

The Wolves are almost four, except for one son

Who pledges his allegiance to a Queen he thought he knew.


What alliances will hold?

What betrayals will ensue?

Will madness be bold?

Or, will intelligence win for a few?


Who belongs to fire?

Who belongs to ice?

It is the man who is no liar

Blended with both flames and bitter cold who has lived twice.


Light has come for those who knew;

Darkness has come for some.

In the end, we know who will prevail for you.

Those from the House where winter is come.

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