My Brothers Three

When you have siblings, who are brothers and you’re the only girl,

Life has a way of sending you in a special kind of whirl.


Especially when you are a generation apart;

Fortunately, for me, they grew in my heart.


As a child, I know I could be a brat,

Tattling on them because we would often spat.


My father nicknamed us the Grinch, the Grouch, the Grump, and the Motormouth from oldest to young.

These three I’m proud to be among.


I always looked up to you three.

At 5, I even skipped school one day to sing songs with glee.


Being at the same school with the youngest one,

He – ten years older than me – I bragged to my classmates a ton.


My oldest I miss every day,

Taken too soon may I say.


Siblings, brothers, how lucky I’ve been

To have you not only as family, but also as great friends.


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