Summer Escape to Firefly Cottages

From the road, all you see are bright colored hues,

Peeking through the trees with a brick walkway to pursue.


Stepping across the threshold of anticipated dreams

Is an abode from the outside more than it seems.


Nine cottages, not all in symmetrical rows,

Nestled around an enchanting paradise where beautiful plants flow.


Each bungalow styled in its own unique charm and grace,

Keeping true to its 1950s quaintness and “swell” space.


The communal den, centered around an old live oak,

Wrapped in twinkling lights welcoming all of us folk.


Lounging at the shoreline any part of the day,

Watching rosette spoonbills and gulls leaves you breathless with not much to say.


Each day, the tide ebbs and flows to reveal

Mud flats, salt marshes, and oyster bars for you to see with zeal.


The breeze caresses the nook, especially in the shade,

Bringing the salty smell of the ocean while the little lizards are at play.


Dragon flies buzzing all around

While the small fiddler crabs at the water’s edge to their holes scurry down.


Nostalgic, but timeless, Firefly Cottages in Cedar Key provide to the soul

As each visitor stays for their own designed purpose and goal.

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