Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes

Driving through Minnesota,

So much water to see.

So many shades of blues and greens,

Coloring the world around me.


Trees form the landscape:

Balsam Firs, Tamaracks, and Black Spruce.

The White Spruce almost blue in color,

And the Eastern Hemlock belonging in Dr. Seuss.


The beaches provide picnic areas for the day.

Around Lake Minnetonka, marshes surround,

As the people boat and bike

In Excelsior, a quaint little town.


Minneapolis, so people friendly

With bike lanes and walking paths galore.

Sitting amongst the remnants of the past

With industrial flour ruins from a time before.


While walking through the tree umbrellaed streets,

The twin, St. Paul, even more in keeping of the past.

Neighborhoods from a time of Gatsby

Where a faint jazz note seems to last.


Minnesota, Minnesota,

A state unable to disappoint and fulfill dreams.

The natural beauty calling me back

Because you are much more than you seem.

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