The Thirteenth Moon

The Thirteenth Moon

A week ago Friday, we experienced a full moon on Friday the 13th, which does not happen very often.  The picture shown above taken by my husband, Jeff, gave me the inspiration for this poem.  We went outside that night where he captured this harvest moon in all of its glory before we went in to watch the original movie version of Friday the 13th. Enjoy!!

The thirteenth moon,

We will not see again soon.


Sitting high in the sky,

A harvest gold to the eye.


Nineteen years since we’ve seen

Its glow and perfect sheen.


Is this a night of luck or fate?

The mist in the air leaves us to wonder and to wait.


Opening the dark for the owls to croon,

Where the shadows dance to their very own tune.


Creepy clouds sometimes surround the orb,

Masking the light, which becomes absorbed.


The stealthy black cat strolls to his crossing path

As it would seem he does with purpose and wrath.


Before the morning blankets your glow,

Please leave an auspicious feeling as you go.


In thirty years, you will return again.

Leaving us to wonder, will you be foe or friend?

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