The Memory Tree

All year long,
Photo albums and scrapbooks provide keepsakes like a family song.

They can be opened at any time
To fill our hearts with treasures so sublime.

However, one time a year,
In a December so near

We bring out a dusty old box from the attic
Containing trinkets of the past so dynamic

To display on a tree –
Live, flocked, green, white, sparkling – one full of glee.

The branches remain as picture hangers like nails,
Always collaged through many years of family tales.

The tourist style from a family vacation
To theme parks or to the capitol of our nation.

The hand painted angel made by a five-year-old daughter with eyes full of spark
In ceramics, while on back, leaving her name as a mark.

That special Santa collectible
Mama couldn’t wait to find obtainable.

The very first one given as a gift after marriage
Always hanging as the first one placed from a special box like a carriage.

Whatever the name – Christmas or Holiday – one calls it so.
This tree is a gift each year as the nostalgia continues to grow.

Traditions are passed down to each generation to share
Continuing the Memory tree with love and care.

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