The Sneer of the Illuminous Eyewitness

DSC_9434 (2)
Oh, my dear,
Throughout the years
You caress the night with your tumultuous tears.

As the moon leers
With suspicious eyes and haunting sneers,
She threatens to reveal your sins and fears.

Your prudent pact for which you adhere,
With yourself you try and stay clear,
But she saw your devilish design and aloud she wants to cheer.

Illuminating the night, she jeers,
Keeping the memory of the one you made disappear,
Leaving you continuously avoiding the truth as you steer.

The lies to all you engineer,
Craving the dawn every morning of the year,
Waiting for the instant she can’t interfere.

Madness ensues as you persevere,
Forgotten items become vivid clues being too cavalier.
Hence, insanity rules your atmosphere.

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