Ravens of the Ravine

DSC_9062 (2)

Out west, there exists the ravens three,
Scavenging o’er the discarded things from thee.

Hildebrand, Rivi, Utaznemco combine the trio
Who fly high and low searching for their foe.

These juvenile birds call the unsuspecting wolf to a carcass they found.
Through trickery, the wolf serves as their assistant slicing open the lifeless mound.

Once the wolf departs, they attack the carnage left with no care,
Barely allowing each other a small share.

Up and down the ravine they search
For the unwanted leftover edibles thrown out as they stop and perch.

The ravine provides a store to survive as of late
As the ravens three begin a search for their lifelong mate.

They go their separate ways on this date
For staying all three as one was never their fate.

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