100 School Days

Last week, our Kindergartners celebrated the 100th day of school and I wrote this poem for them.

 100 School days…
 A number larger than ones and tens we would say.
 Oh, a number so big!
 It even makes us dance a jig.
 How much have we learned along the way?
 Many colors like red, blue, green, and even gray.
 100 words read by bright light.
 100 words we recognize by sight.
 Counting to 100 on the path we stayed.
 How many ten frames is 100, Oops, we will save that for another grade.
 100 CVC words such as…c…a…r.
 Sounding it right, makes us all shining stars.
 Our teachers provided us all the tools for our brains.
 Where we all have made lots of reading and math gains.
 100 School days have passed,
 Always practicing our writing with sky, fence, and grass.
 100 School days smarter are we!
 Dancing in celebration with utter glee.
 100 School days…Not letting our teachers down.
 Today, proudly wearing our 100 School days crown. 

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