Discount Flowers

Arriving home with glee,
My husband with a bouquet to greet me.

Receiving a kiss upon my cheek,
Embracing the flowers, a vase I seek.

With water and food poured in,
I began unwrapping the package with a grin.

As I cut the wrapper
Knowing the stems would be dapper,

I noticed a second sticker on the plastic.
Feeling a dread, I knew something might be drastic.

Large and bold DISCOUNT appeared
With bright yellow behind like a roadway sign as I feared.

Some stems were withered and broken.
Disappointment in my eyes must have spoken.

I paused a moment, stepped back to think,
Leaning down pondering at the sink.

Many of the buds were hanging on for life.
If I prune and nurture, I can remove the strife.

Adding every stem and cleaning up the sagging leaves,
Not throwing any of them away, the petals staring at me pleased.

I placed each one ornately in the vase
With care and encouragement providing a beautiful space.

Joking with my husband about the discount flowers he bought,
I realized something I originally and knowingly had not thought.

This bouquet arrived in my care outside looking shaky,
Realizing very quickly the insides were worth saving.

Once cleaned up showing all their beauty and grace,
I knew never giving up on anything, loving them in their own way was the only case.

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