The Haberdasher

Rising early on this crisp December morn, I participated in my usual routine before my constitution into town. Leaving, I felt an inkling to turn left instead of right. So, I went. Visited on rare occasions, I was no stranger to the shops I passed. Up to the left was a haberdashery, which I had frequented before. I felt another urge as if to go in. I moved to the corner where I could cross the street.

            Entering, I simply looked around, no one to greet me. Fine silk top hats with a few in beaver felt. Fifteen minutes passed with no haberdasher. This was bad form, so I left. Something compelled me to look back at the window display. As I looked in, a man came from the back with a Gibus hat in hand. This could not be. We looked just alike. Startled, I quickly began my journey home in utter confusion.

            Upon arrival, sitting down, my thoughts raced through my mind. “Who was he? I felt I could not breath.” I said aloud.

            “I must not confront him until I find out who he is. I will wait in secret close to the haberdashery until closing, and follow him home. I will get his address, then inquire around town his name.”  Feeling more at ease, I waited by reading the paper laid out on the table and walking around the house, until I knew it was time to leave.

            I hid across the street where I could see the entrance. Promptly at five, the haberdasher came out, locked the door, and turned left with the same hat in hand I saw him with earlier. I paused before following with my coat collar turned up hiding my face. His journey was short, and he turned into a dwelling. “Was this his home? Wait…” pausing, watching. It appeared several people were entering the house, so I decided to do the same.

            A crowd was in the parlor. It was odd no one greeted me at the door. Perusing the scene, the haberdasher was at the front of the room with a sobbing lady, looking as if he was bent over doing something. As I approached closer, I could see the haberdasher was placing the hat on someone lying down. Seeing the coffin, I moved closer. My doppelganger spoke to the crying lady, “I still cannot believe my brother is gone, but that Gibus hat looks so fine on him for burial. Just to think, he had just finished making it when he was killed by that intruder. My dear, I love you as much as he did. I will assume his engagement and marry you. You will have no worries. We can even live in the flat above the haberdashery.”

            As I looked down at the face of the man in the coffin, and heard the haberdasher’s words, my mind went into a tornado of realization. “The haberdasher who was my doppelganger was the so-called intruder, as well as my twin brother! He killed me to be with my fiancé!” I screamed with no one to hear me as I was an apparition. I used every ounce of energy I could muster slamming the coffin shut startling everyone in the room. “Even though I am dead, the haberdasher will not be rid of me. I will make my way back down to the haberdashery and remain there forever, reminding my twin, the haberdasher, every single day I am still lingering in his life.”

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