Tomato Haikus, Limericks, and More…Oh my!!

In celebration of the glorious fruit of summertime…

The Perfect Tomato

Red, robust, firm fruit

Waiting for the knife to slice.

The cut, juice flows free.

The Perfect BLT

Toasted, grainy white

Leafy green, bacon, mater

One more piece, savor.


Scarlet, scrumptiousness

Salted so simply sans skin

Sweet, seeds Better Boy.

Starving Tomato Artist Limerick

There was a tomato with a brush

Who wanted to paint his crush.

Running out of red ink,

Not making a stink,

He squashed a cherry tomato into mush.

Oh Tomato!

Oh tomato! We relish in your joy of juicy delight!

How you connect the sandwich and the salad

Of every hungry human creating a meal so valid.

The fruit of the heavens! So luscious and appealing!

A fruit yes!  Some say a vegetable too.

Your mouthwatering goodness deserves its own food group.

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