The Scarlet Path

Scarlet Path_Chicago

I walk through trees,

I walk through grass,

The time flies by,

It goes so fast.

Searching for the beauty only seen by few,

I wonder if I will find it,

Does it wait for only you?

When one day,

I come upon the scarlet path,

I finally tread upon at last.

My breath its splendor takes

And engulfs me into shuttering in this magnificent place.

Not only does the bloodshot leaves cast a light from the sun,

The crimson roots rise from the earthy ground

Like ruddy, clay tentacles where I saunter upon.

I stare at the wondrous red that spills so perfectly

Like a carpet flowing for the regal ones to stroll.

The spicy, peppery drops of ruby hue create a world of strength for me to extol.

The heat of the scarlet path wraps around me like a warm blanket on a winter’s night,

Escaping into rosy depths of peace with utter delight.

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