I wrote this poem back in May during the “Safer at Home” time.  I was missing being at school with all of the teachers and students.  A virtual meeting with a few teachers brought this “displaced” feeling to the forefront to bring about this poem.  We discussed what really is the heart of the school – the people who come in and out every day. Enjoy!!

Does a school have a heart?
Does it reside without people only in part?

Is it more like a rib cage surrounding the beating muscle?
Or do the teachers pump the energy in and out as they hustle and bustle?

Brick and mortar prolong the life by standing tall.
However, the little ones ignite life by flowing through the halls.

Two months have passed, almost three
Of missing beautiful smiles and minds of wonderment and glee.

Distance will finally come and go,
Holding on to wait until the world says so.

A building is just an empty shell with a face.
Right now, its heart is only temporarily displaced.

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