A Cat with Many Names


Only weighing a few pounds,

This sweet kitty can run around.


She makes her presence known

With loud demands like a Queen on her thrown.


Beautiful is she with her marbled fur.

She loves her pets, giving lots of purrs.


She arrived as a Pearl, not fitting her so.

Little Kitty she became with her eyes all a glow.


If she had it her way, she would be the lone pet.

Her adopted brothers give her much to fret.


As she gets older, hisses fly at the two.

They can just be in her path, for her, that will not do.


Tiny in stature is her frame,

But mighty in personality is her game.


Everyone has a nickname for her to dote –

Baby, Girl, L.K. – just a few to note.


In dainty grace she walks past,

But the cat with many names, a lioness shadow she casts.

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